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ULTIMATE High HP Head Gasket Now Available @ TSM

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I’m going to preface this product announcement with an explanation of a very consistent struggle faced by myself and many others in this world of automotive performance. I’m sure once you start reading it some of you will immediately know what I’m talking about while others this might be somewhat new or unacknowledged information to you.


In the performance world there is an obvious chase to build the fastest yet most reliable upgraded cars that we can. Each and every major shop will start modifying a platform and inevitably find limits of specific items in that model of vehicle. While there are obviously more aspects of the industry than finding failure points, I can tell you that it is a major part of the front runners focus. As we push the limits and find “failure” points our jobs main focus then becomes upgrading components or assembly processes in order to eliminate those failures. We make it stronger so that we can move on to the next thing that will inevitably fail… and so the saga continues.

I could write a book about the above paragraph as it’s pretty much an all consuming, never ending battle in search of perfection that very frankly doesn’t exist. Rather I want to focus on the two trains of thought that come out of each new level we achieve or conquest we win. More times than not while solving these types of leading edge problems a product is born. That product or process may be a sellable solution or not. The ones that are not sellable usually are process based or simply so small they need to be included in a larger package to have value. What I want to do is walk down the road of the type of solution that creates a marketable product.


In my experience the process of problem solving cost way more money than we could hope to earn back selling the solution in singular product form. As a performance company owner we are then faced with the dilemma of how to make that money back. The most popular way to do that is simply utilize that solution in your builds, engines, transmission etc. to grow your business into company associated with top level performance and quality. This drives more business your way and if managed properly adds to the bottom line.


In a perfect world everyone’s desires would be to announce that solution and then those who wanted or needed it would purchase it from you. Both shops, individuals, and creators alike would benefit from the said “solution”. We would make our investment back and possibly even put a little profit in your pocket. However 9.9 times out of 10 that is simply not the case. Copies are made, “versions” of the solution you battled so hard for are released, and that marketshare is lost far before the investment was recouped much less any profit was made based on the lack of understanding as to why your methodology “costs so much”. We then go back to using that product mostly on in house builds and pushing limits to find the next failure point to battle… promising ourselves that when we find it, and solve it, we will not be so quick to share.


Now, don’t get me wrong, that scenario that does not ring true in all situations. More often than not some variant of that storyline is lived out through the course of a platform’s development many times over.


Now, as usual with my threads you are probably saying to yourself “Ok Cicio, get to the point… where is the punchline?” Obviously I’m talking you guys through this because I’m about the product on you that you have already scrolled down and looked at far before you read this sentence. A product that we have spent tons of money getting to through the years and one I’m extremely excited to offer the community!


For years many shops including us have been pushing the limits of what most any head gasket solution has been able to provide us. Many of you I’m sure know that this is a large failure point on any high HP engine much less the tiny package of the VR38. We have pushed these aluminum 6 cylinders to cylinder pressure levels that are simply staggering. Between that and the movement in these engines it is not an easy chore to keep the head gasket in tact. Of course through the years of development things have gotten much much better. Solutions such as better MLS gaskets, copper gaskets, o-rings both stainless and copper, have all been implemented with some success. However until now there isn’t what I would call the ultimate solution available to any customer that wants it! Until now I said!


The TSM Sealing Ring is what I consider to be the ultimate in head gasket options for your high HP GT-R. We have worked with several companies to introduce a 100% steerable solution for your 1500+HP GT-R that will put your mind at ease when it comes to sealing that combustion. We have tested this solution on applications making upwards of 3000hp with a 100% success rate. I’m sure some of you know that some of the highest HP GT-Rs in the world use this solution; now you don’t have to buy a complete engine to get them. I by no means want to make it sound like we created this technology, but I am proud to have built the relationships and done the legwork to be able to offer it to the masses.


No need to buy our full head package, no need to buy our engine, we are now offering this solution completely ala-carte to anyone who wants it!

There are several ways to go about purchasing this ultimate head gasket solution. You can very simply purchase the rings with our water sealing gasket included for the machine shop of your choice to install, or you can send us your heads that we will then CNC the sealing ring into with our specs and send them back to you. There is no need to purchase an entire head package from us to get this solution! I don’t care if you are a shop, individual, machinist, or my biggest competitor… these are on the shelf ready to solve your head sealing problems and give you the peace of mind you will never have issues moving forward!





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