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TopSpeed Motorsports **SECOND LOCATION OPEN**

- - - - - tsm expansion secondlocation

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I'm sure some of you have already herd the good news that TSM has branched out and opened a second location.   I wanted to be sure and post on the forums and not just Facebook about this exciting expansion.   Honestly until a couple years ago I would not have thought that excellence in this field was something I would be able to duplicate and trust without me directly overseeing.   However as I have learned and the company grown in ways I would have never dreamed, the realization of expansion became evident.   


Over the last decade of business TSM has grown as a company by leaps and bounds.  Myself and my team have worked tirelessly to produce the highest quality builds and parts in the industry.  We have also aspired to an elite level of client satisfaction and support.  Looking from the outside in, I feel we have been very successful in meeting these goals and that success is viewable through results, reviews and consistency.


What is not easy to see however are the finite details that daily form the building blocks of that success.  This foundation is not by accident but rather unique design.  The system is methodical, well thought out and unwavering.  Keeping consistency of quality across builds with 5 technicians on cars that may start one month and finish the next is not an easy task.   The amount of moving parts in most of our projects is staggering.  I have learned and implemented processes over the years that ensure our clients are getting proven, quality results that are not left to the competency of one single person, no matter how competent that person is.


The goal was always an extremely high end product with the upmost attention to detail.   Even more importantly the implementation of checks and balances to make it forever duplicable.  My company processes are built on the type of mutual accountability that promote fluid teamwork!  My team all know that not one of us does our job to the best of our ability without the man or woman to the left and right of us.  From the shop hand to the tech to the tuner it takes all of us in sync to succeed.


Why am I telling you all of this you wonder?  I have a point I promise. 


These processes that have been forged over the years by both successes and failures are no doubt the driving force to our success.  I am very happy and excited that they are now going to continue to grow TSM as a trusted, experienced and long lasting brand!


It is with great pride and personal excitement that I announce to the community the second location of TopSpeed Motorsports!  I have expanded our operations into the Northeastern United States by opening what will be dubbed TSM NE!  The second location is located just outside of Virginia Beach, VA.  I know I know some of you will say that is not technically in the Northeast.  I grew up in NY so I know that is true lol.  BUT, this location is designated to much easier service that part of the country as well as northern Mid-Atlantic.  


Six months ago preparation and training silently started for the future.  The day is finally here!  Today I announce the establishment of TopSpeed Motorsport North East (TSM-NE), an extension of TSM level craftsmanship and an even higher level of combined customer service for our worldwide clientele. 


The cross pollination and training of staff between both TSM and TSM-NE has been a long and extremely fruitful process over the past six months.  This location will offer easier access for our Northeast clients while ensuring the same quality and experience you expect with the TSM band.


Under my direct leadership the brand will grow to more conveniently service clients in the entire North East region of the United States! 


I will personally be splitting my time between the two locations weekly to support the combined 15 employees working together to take the entire industry to new highlights of performance!  Welcome to the TopSpeed Motorsports team, Mike, Jon, Eddie, Will and Kyle!  We look forward to serving you!


***For the first 6 months we will be offering FREE transportation for qualifying projects anywhere in the Northeastern US!!!***












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Call: 678-297-7770
Email: cicio@cicioperformance.com



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Awesome sauce ...
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Old setups : Alpha 9 w/ AMS 3.8, GTX3582R Gen II w/ AMS 4.1 billet crank, GTX3582R Gen II w/ AMS 4.0 big bore billet crank and of course FBO E85.



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Congrats team tsm.

Open one in cali!

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Super excited for TSM.     Certainly a difficult venture to operate multiple locations but with the right management and team I'm sure you guys will hit a home run.


excited to see what the future holds.



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badass - between this and your tech over in Manila the sun never sets on a TSM project lol.  TSM all the things.

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Once again I’m happy for ya. That area is deff lacking a quality shop. There is definitely no doubt that this is a win win for the community and it is a short commute for you to make sure everything is going like you want it …:)

Congrats again Cicio
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Congratulations TSM!

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