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Nissan GTR - Project Dark Knight

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Hi everyone, my name is Irfan and I am currently in Thailand. As per the topic heading I have purchased a Nissan GTR and am making a thread about it.

I’ve copied and pasted my posts from other forums as igt took some time to get my account validated so my post might not make complete sense. Will update soon once my internet issues are sorted out.

To give you all a bit of a background, I used to be in the UK and my love of large displacement cars started with the mkv R32:


The linear torque felt amazing along with the AWD system, but as the car was ageing and I was hungry for more power, along came the 8V RS3.

I modified this to stage 2+ using Awesome GTI and APR after Litchfield messed up their attempt at stage 2. Great at modifying GTR’s but useless with VAG cars. This was running 450bhp and over 700nm of torque and BOTB used this in some of their YouTube videos:





This was an absolute weapon driving from point to point. No matter if it was on motorway or country roads, it took everything in its stride and surprised many exotic cars too. The modern interior, B&O system and Google Earth maps made it into an everyday car at the same time. The only thing it was missing was the wingback Recaros from the R32 and the previous generation 8P RS3. Not sure why Audi chose to no longer offer these as an option but it was a huge shame.

After selling the car I came to Thailand and I new I had to buy a car. Large engine and awd were a must as I missed the Audi. Within a week I found a 2013 Nissan GTR with an N-Attack bodykit. Completely standard engine and the only upgrade I could see were the lightweight Recaro seats (similar to the Nismo seats IIRC?). Due to the taxation system here, a second hand CBA and DBA GTR is twice the price of a 2018 GTR in the UK. To avoid the extortionate tax, high end cars are often brought in as lower models or they are shipped into the country in parts. This was the latter although I did not know it at the time:




I knew before driving the car that the exhaust would be a huge disappointment and after the test drive I didn’t realise just how soulless the car felt. Two days later the car was booked in with GT Tuning for a full service (I didn’t trust the garage I purchased it from that it had been done despite only showing 10,000km on the clock), Cobb stage 1 and also an Akrapovic exhaust:




Not many people know this but in most shopping plazas in Thailand there is dedicated supercar parking. Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and Nissan GTR are on the list that are allowed to park there. Not only are these spaces extra wide and with free spaces, but they are close to the main entrances too:



The car was great to drive but had a few niggles. Brake judder, steering wobble at speed, and occasional limp mode were going to get rectified when the car went for its next service. It had covered around 6,000km within five months despite only using it as a second car:






Before its service I managed to damage the front bumper quite badly. Instead of getting the issues fixed and perhaps taking it to stage 2 with an intercooler and injectors, I found the latest car, nicknamed Dark Knight:





The specification I was given was as shown below:

GTR R35 Varis Wide Body kit
Aeropart : Varis R35 2014 Fullset

-Nismo sport cluster
-Carbon fiber + Alcantara Steering wheel (Custom made)
-Full Carbon fiber + Alcantara interior set (Custom made)
-Recaro PCX Alcantara + Carbon fiber seats

-Intake Manifold : Boost Logic
-Tomei Full head build
-Valves : Tomei
-Valve springs & Retainers : Tomei
-Valve guide : Tomei
-Valve seats : Tomei Beryllium
-Camshaft : Tomei 262
-Pistons : Manley
-Rods : Manley
-Crankshaft : Manley 4.4L
-Piston sleeve : Darton
-Race Porting and Modified Oil system
-Blow off valve : Greddy
-Throttle Body : Greddy
-HKS GT1000 Modified by OWEN Turbo kits
-HKS GT1000 Wastegate
-HKS GT1000 Exhaust Manifold
-Injector Dynamics 1,300cc
-HKS GT1000 Intercooler
-Amuse 100mm Exhaust
-Downpipe : Tomei
-YPipe : Boost Logic
-HKS engine Gasket
-HKS oil cooler Engine and Rear LSD
-Water tank : Alpha
-ECUTek Tuning 4MAPS
-New Spocket Camshafts / Oil Pump / Timing chain

-GR6 Modified Gearbox
-SSP Performance clutch
-SPL trans oil seal
-New trans oil pump / Dodson shift lock Front-Rear

-Aragosta Full Adjustment (Made to order)
-Ball joint suspension : SPL
-Stillen V-Spec Brake Calipers
-Stillen Ceramic Brake Discs
-Project Mu HC108 Brake Pads (Made to order)
-Rays G25 Forged Rims:
    Front 11x20inch offset+22
    Rear  12x20inch offset+15

I found the car also had Tommy Kaira illuminated badges and Craft Square mirrors which were a bonus. The second owner must have put these on along with the Rays rims.

I saw details of this car online on the xo-autosport website from when the original owner had the car:









I also found this from Driver Sound, the car audio dealer who installed the TV tuner:







After seeing the car in person I went back to Bangkok the following week and traded the white GTR in:


I took the car on the Thursday evening as it was as I wanted them to fix any issues I found the following day. Cobb was used and the two faults that came up were the fuel pump and the suspension. We cleared the faults and put them down to the fuel pump being separate and thew Aragosta coilovers replacing the oem suspension.

The following day I found the n/s Craft Square mirror was loose and there was no water from one of the windscreen jets. These were fixed and the car had a quick detail and PPF on the splitter as I kept catching the last one on the roads. That evening I saw the car and took photos, although I wasn’t able to take the car home as they wanted to check the car over more thoroughly. This gave me the chance to take some shots of the car while it was still clean:











The Saturday I was supposed to collect the car, the garage found an issue with the interior fans. Being a pre 2012 model there was no USB port in the car unlike my last GTR and the garage said they have the lead for me to connect my phone to the car.

Come Monday and the car still was not ready. No PPF and no USB:


So on the Tuesday I picked the car up and took it to Masterpiece  Body Service to get some stone chips and marring fixed and a wi-fi adaptor connected to the existing TV tuner installed by the first owner:


I wouldn’t never wire a car like this but time was a factor and I was going to install it properly at a later date. I left for home on Tuesday evening as time was running out and it broke down two hours from Bangkok. The battery had died and needed replacing. After getting the car started I drove back to Bangkok and stayed in a hotel. The following morning it went back to Masterpiece and a new battery was fitted. This should have been found when they checked the car but obviously they didn't check it thoroughly enough.

That evening the car was taken for its PPF. I opted to get the bumper done along with the lights, and not just the splitter as the car had enough chips as it was:



Once this was finished I left for home on the Wednesday evening. Thats when the nightmare began!

After driving 500km I was 15km from home and put the car into race mode. After a few km I saw some smoke in the mirror along with flames when changing gear. The map was a normal map for safety and performance so there were no pops and flames mapped into the code. I kept driving at a reduced speed just wanting to get home but the flames and smoke got bigger. The exhaust was popping with huge bangs. 10km from home I lost all boost and limped home (it was 3.30am and there are no recovery services around!).

Once I got home I took a video of the damage and sent it to the garage to give them an idea of what happened and I requested they get a slide car to collect the car and take it back to Bangkok:






The slide car arrived at 11am on Friday morning as they prefer to transport at night when the traffic is quieter:


It arrived at AEK garage around 8pm that evening:


Monday morning Mr Aek rang and informed me the engine gone was completely gone. As I wanted the car back on the road fairly soon we couldn’t wait to get the engine repaired and internals ordered from abroad,  nor did I want to incur that cost. So the old engine was removed and a stock engine from a 2016 model was sourced with stock internals:







Hybrid turbos were sourced from GT Tuning who had these in stock. These flow more air than stock due to upgraded front and rear internals along with Turbosmart actuators. The plan was to aim for 600-650bhp at the wheels, but more importantly to limit torque to below 600lb-ft to reduce the risk of the rods bending. This would be half the power of the old engine but I wanted the car to be useable on a long journey, exciting enough to be faster than the last GTR and not having to worry about something going wrong or ending up crashing the car due to the power:



The upgraded parts were removed from the old engine and the ID1300cc injectors, Alpha water tank, Boosdtlogicv intake manifold and hybrid turbos were installed:








I requested the garage change the spark plugs as I didn’t trust the old plugs and as a precaution it was worth spending the extra for fresh ones:


The engine was then installed and they found an issue with the secondary cooling fan motor:



The engine was idled to further check the parts and they found an issue with an intake manifold. One side had buckled with the heat at a guess, hence why the ruler wasn’t sitting flat on it:



Once these issues had been sorted out it was time for GT Tuning to tune the engine on the dyno. However after half an hour they found there were issues with the fuel system. After speaking to the tuner it sounded as though the fuel system gave top and that caused the catastrophic engine failure in the old engine.

The fuel system was sorted out and the dyno runs were completed. As instructed they kept the torque to below 600lb-ft and with a relatively smooth torque curve. More power could have been had from the engine but for mechanical sympathy they were conservative with the tune. The best fuel we get here in Thailand is E10 (95 RON), whereas in UK we have 98/99RON. I’m sure with better fuel there could have been even more power and less soot, although running a fully catless system and huge 1300cc injectors some soot was inevitable:



Kill map: 630bhp/790nm at 1.2bar

Normal map: 600bhp/730nm at 1bar

The car went back to AEK for more testing and checks, as issues could have occurred after the dyno runs. They found issues with the turbo pipes and air pump assemblies. The right hand turbo pipe also needed adjusting:



For safety I wanted to monitor the engine more closely and I requested the Cobb Accessport to be installed with the gauges for realtime monitoring:


They also found the prop shaft driving the front wheels had broken and this was replaced with a second hand unit:






The car should be ready by tomorrow afternoon; just waiting for the blue book to be ready along with the car passport in case I want to take the car out of Thailand to a neighbouring country.

In the meantime I have the car booked in for a full audio upgrade next week as the car has a non-Bose system and its awful! As labour here is cheap compared to the UK and equipment that are old models can be found at a really good price. I have gone for a Kenwood 9018 headunit to be installed where the oem cd slot is. This will be the brains and as it has built in TA it should improve the staging at the front. The front speakers are to be replaced for Focal W-RC165’s which are almost half the price they were when they came out in 2012 (£1,300 vs £2,000 and fitting is included). The rear will be a Focal 10” subwoofer in place of the oem subs and a sealed box will be in the boot with the face firing towards the dashboard. Focal class D 1.1000 and 4.800 amps are going to power the speakers and subs. Some led’s in the front footwells and around the subwoofer should add some colour to the dark interior.

I’ll post another update once the car is here…..


3 hours to go until car and old parts arrive on the slide car (midnight in Thailand). Can’t wait to take it out and see how the engine feels compared to the 1,000bhp Manley 4.4 built motor and my old GTR with stage 1 Cobb:








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Holy crap. What a story!!!

I hope you get it sorted. That car has some nice aftermarket parts on her




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Man that is a story. I love your old RS3,cool little cars and your car ain’t to shabby either....Welcome I think you’ll fit in quite well around here




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Wow !!! the most thorough write I have ever read on any forum.

Welcome !!! One of these days I’ll make it to Thailand !!!
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Welcome! Crazy intro to the GT-R world. Stick around!
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Welcome. Glad you seem to have such a positive attitude. I likely would have been too frustrated to continue moving forward with the car!
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Welcome to the forum.  Wow, you have had one nightmare after another.  You are very patient.  I would have been having seizures with all the trouble you've had.


How many miles were on the built engine before it went?

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