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Stock Market Recent Action

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My take is to buy back in now after the 10% correction with regular buys on a monthly basis with 10-20% per month of the cash I have. Mostly buying index ETF's, Nasdaq100 and S&P 500, and some companies I think have a giant moat around them, like Visa, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and even Home Depot. Actually I bough a bunch of Home Depot as soon as the hurricane started. My sister lives in Houston and when she texted me how bad it was, I told her to buy Home Depot like I was doing, and she did, suffering and being happy at the same time. It's been a good buy so far. And she since bought a new house there, and new hardwood flooring came from Home Depot. All good.

No one says you have to buy and  HOLD....... I retired in my 40's and now at late 60's ....understand more ....... In markets like this some of your pot is buy and hold with trailing stops set at 12/15%......

Some is traded buy low and sell high using 50/100/200 averages...... ITS PERFECT TO BOOK A PROFIT , PAY THE TAX AND WAIT TILL THE NEXT BUY IN......... In a year or so, fixed rate bonds will pay 5%........

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Here is where I am at with investing. Bond returns after taxes are not very good. Whatever strategy you want to use is good if it has allowed you to beat the S&P500 index over rolling ten year periods, after all taxes and fees. I have learned that I cannot do it myself with stock picking by buying and selling over my whole portfolio over any 10 year period. Moments of brilliance yes, but many losses too, missed opportunities, and on balance, I should have just bought the index and not sold it, which defers any taxes. So it has been roughly 90% index buying for me for the last 8 years now, and stock picking is using the balance of 10-20% as my "play money". Nasdaq 100 index ETF investing has been very good.


Not a single one of my friends , who all seem think they are pretty smart at something, has been able to beat the index themselves or had their money managers beat it for them, all after taxes and fees, over any 10 year stretch.  You only hear about their winners, and losers are swept under the rug. So like the Wealthy Barber said, pay yourself first, meaning give yourself money to invest, as much as possible, and hopefully watch it grow. And remember rule #1, "don't lose money", and rule #2, "don't forget rule #1".

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