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Happy 2018! The January Sale from WGP!

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We're going to continue on a trend we started last year and have our January sales be based upon the top New Year's Resolutions that people make!



In a recent poll... there was a tie for the top three new year's resolutions...



First:  Eat Healthier!


GT-R's run better on E85... So to let your cars eat healthy... Buy a flex kit from us this month, or any other E85 supporting mods (injectors, fuel pumps, etc.) and we'll tune the car for free!



First (2): Get More Exercise!


One of the best ways to improve your health via exercise is to increase your heart rate... this will help you grow!  Any modifications purchased from us that will increase the redline or the displacement of your GT-R will be 10% off all month long!  As an added bonus... your heart rate is likely to increase when you step on the gas!  



First (3): Save Money!


This one seems like a no-brainer... but is easier said than done... to do our part... we're reducing our labor rates on all work performed this month to $75/hour.



Interestingly... the next largest response shirked the trend and said that people wouldn't be making any resolutions...  


Since that's no fun... we'll make a resolution for you... Book a stock engine TSM Elite Turbo Kit install with us, and we'll warranty the engine in the car for this entire year.  



After that: Focus on Self Care 


If you don't perform your regularly scheduled maintenance on yourself, you're likely to not last quite as long, be more prone to injury, and underperform.   The same is true for your car... All parts purchased from us this month for use in regularly scheduled GT-R maintenance performed at our shop (brakes, fluids, etc.) will be at our cost.  



And then: Read More


Post a forum review of us after we perform a job on your car (good or bad(!), and we'll give you a $100 gift card to the shop for any future work performed. 



Next: Make New Friends!


Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @WGPerformance.   Like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/weaponsgradeperformance.  Do any of these things and we'll give you a $100 gift card to the shop.  



Also: Learn a New Skill!


Buy a built engine and/or transmission build from us, and be present during its assembly and installation (so we can show you how its done!  You can even get your hands dirty...) and we'll take 10% off of the total cost of the job.  



Followed by: Get a New Job!


Weapons Grade Performance is Hiring at both its East and West Coast Locations for both mechanics and office management!  If you think you've got what it takes to come work for us, we'll build your GT-R at no labor cost, and with all parts at our cost.  



And lastly: Start a New Hobby!


Even though it's the world's most addictive and expensive hobby that will consume your entire life like a drug, ruin all of your interpersonal relationships, make you single and alone forever, while simultaneously making you broke... we'll gladly help you start!  Any parts ordered to mod completely stock GT-Rs this month will be 10% off!  



Happy New Year and Enjoy!

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Jon H

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Always enjoyed reading these. Keep it up! 

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