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Positive review for Doug @ WGP and Cicio @ TSM

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First of all I want to thank Doug @ WGP for installing these TSM elite plus turbos and getting them dialed in for stock engine and trans. Second I want to thank Cicio for providing outstanding customer service and spending the time with me over the phone to discuss my goals and options. I can't say enough positive things about both of these guys.

I started out modding with Doug to FBO minus downpipes. It didn't take long for me to want more power. I began reading up on turbo upgrades. I didn't want to go full built motor and trans just yet. For one thing, reliability is an issue. I daily this thing. Second... cash money! In addition to the 40+ k, I heard numerous folks say that you need to have some cash on the side for the inevitable problems that happen on built motor and trans. So... that was placed on the back burner for now. I didn't want to give up transient response. I hate lag! There are a lot of great turbo options out there but this led me to pursue stock manifold. I was initially interested in the Linney EFR 6758 turbos and placed my order with Ben. Due to some communication issues... that deal fell through. Doug and I started talking about the TSM elites. He mentioned he installed these for a few clients and the quality is outstanding. Most importantly Doug reassured me that the difference in transient response would be imperceptible from my level at FBO on pump on stock cats. I was a little skeptical... I mean these turbos are capable of 1300 whp! Cicio posted a dyno comparison thread awhile back. The chart that convinced me was the TSM elites vs FBO on pump gas. Take a look and you'll see what I mean. The endless reviews and the warranties on stock engine and trans builds got me. I found my turbos and placed my order.

The kit came in and Doug installed it without any hiccups. You know how rare this is with aftermarket parts? Some shit ALWAYS goes wrong! Not with this kit. Complete. Perfect fitment. Doug had the GTR for a few days. We had it on the dyno the next weekend. It's worth noting that Doug takes care of his clients. He charges $1/hp for a revision tune. I paid $200 for the tune going from FBO to upgraded turbos, fuel, intakes, SD. He was able to hit 760 hp at 600 tq to the wheel... Doesn't get much better than that!

Transient response is actually better than FBO on pump. Doug had to tune down first and second for traction. You can hear these turbos start to spool at 2300 rpm. Pulls hard up top. No drop out in boost. Perfect for the street. Overall very happy.

-TSM elite plus turbos
-ETS race intercooler with Got Boost aluminum piping
-Boost Logic 3.5" titanium intakes
-Got Boost speed density kit
-T1R air oil separator
-Tial BOV's
-ID1700 injectors
-Visconti dual 485 billet, hardwire, and flex fuel kit
-AMS catless downpipes ceramic coated
-GReddy titanium exhaust

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Nice job Doug!


Thanks for the kind words!!! 

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Call: 678-297-7770
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Did the original thread get deleted as have searched for it with no luck and trying to warn someone here in Aust to be carefull as they are looking to get a block from outfront ?



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Who is out front?

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