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The September to Remember Sale @ WGP!

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It's going to be a September to Remember at Weapons Grade Performance!


The When I Was Your Age Sale!

My first car was a 1996 Volkswagen Passat VR6 station wagon with a whopping 175hp and a manual transmission.  I remember that in order to get it to go over 100mph I had to floor it down the longest hill I could find and hope I didn't run out of road and that was so fast to me!  Post a story of your your first car, and we'll give you a $200 gift card to the shop... the only condition is that the story has to make you look old!


The Earth, Wind, and Fire Sale!

Do you remember the 21st night of September? Love was changing the minds of pretenders.  All tires (to improve your contact with the earth), aerodynamic parts (to cut your wind resistance) and exhaust systems (so you can foolishly shoot flames!) are shipped for free all month long! 


The Remember the Titan Sale!

All Titan Motorsports branded products ordered from us this month are 5% off!  


The North Remembers (AKA Winter Is Coming!) Sale!

Brace yourselves... summer is over, and soon many of us will be putting our GT-Rs away for the winter.  While many people see this as a sad time, it's the best time for us since this is when we build the most cars!  If you book a winter build (December - March ) with us this month to get ahead of things, we'll take 25% of the labor bill and 5% off the parts bill!


The Remember, Remember  the 5th of November Sale!

Post a photo of yourself wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in your GT-R and we'll give you a $100 gift card to the shop.


The I Remember My First Time (AKA The Uber Frosh) Sale!

It seems like these days I'm seeing more than your usual amount of people trying to tune their own GT-Rs, install their own parts, get their local mechanics who have never even seen a GTR to work on them, and even build their own GT-R engines.  In our experience, usually this ends badly and you end up paying more than you should, or even double when stuff breaks, and many times forget/aren't informed to buy and install critical parts to get the job done correctly.  To help you avoid becoming the Uber Frosh and the subject of some hillarious memes and our pity, we'll cut our labor rate in half on any project booked this month as long as you come to the shop, watch us work, and hold the light/tools for us so you learn something while helping us get the job done faster.  


The Hurricane Sale!

The Media has dubbed Hurricane Irma "A Storm to Remember."  To help anyone affected by this and Hurricane Harvey... We're offering two things.  If your GT-R has been mechanically damaged by the storms, we'll repair them with no labor charges.  Or if you live in the States of Florida,Texas,, and/or Puerto Rico, any parts ordered from us this month will be 10% off.  


The Read-Only Memory (ROM) Sale!

Buy an Ecutek Retail Programming Kit or Bluetooth Programming Kit from us this month and the first tune file (ROM) is FREE!


The Johnny Mnemonic Sale!

Ironically this is a very forgettable Keanu Reeves movie (It's no John Wick!) but is also Dolph Lungren's last movie for almost 25 years!  Unlike the movie, Mnemonic memory devices help us all the time when working on cars... for example... "Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty!"  Or by referring to a torque sequence as a "star" pattern.  A lot of people confuse acronyms with mnemonics, such as ETS, HKS, and WGP.  However, in order to be a mnemonic, to acronym has to be an actual word!  (For example if you light your GT-R bumper on fire with your toon, you'd be wise to remember "PASS" - Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep!)  To make all all of those things memorable, and to help you remember the distinction this month... any parts produced by those vendors are 5% off all month!  


Doug Ross
Owner of Weapons Grade Performance
-Northeast/Pacific Northwest Shops where we ONLY work on GT-Rs
-Owner/Builder of the 1st Ever Home Garage GT-R Drivetrain Removal
Cobb Protuner / EcuTek Tuner / MoTec Calibrator
-Mainline Dyno in House
Our Online Store
East Coast Location 21B Ozick Dr, Durham, CT   West Coast Location 16726 146th St SE, Monroe, WA

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