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My experience Dealing with Oakes Detailing in West Chester, PA

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Too long didn't read.

- went to Oakes Detailing for new car prep, full xpel wrap, window tint and CQuartz coating.
- Oakes had car for 1 month. But still forgot to do a lot of bits in xpel. Edges lifting and never provided any paper work or warranty cards. Windows dirty and interior not cleaned.
- i made numerous attempts to get everything rectified over the course of the following 6 weeks. Through many excuses and poor response time.
- end result still have not been made whole.
- dont recommend Oakes

Hey guys,
So, I recently (on March 9th) took delivery of a Brand new (leftover) 2016 Nissan GTR Premium in Gun Metallic. The first thing on my mind the minute I took the keys from the sales staff, was where and when I was going to get the car protected with PPF. A couple days prior to delivery I began searching for a reputable shop to do the work. I initially wanted a full front clip and other vulnerable areas around the side of the vehicle. But eventually decided to go with a full body wrap. I was interested in getting a new car paint prep, window tint and a ceramic coating on top of the film, in addition to the full body wrap. My search landed me to go with "Oakes Detailing" in West Chester, PA. Although it was 2.5 hrs away from where I lived. Nick Oakes one of the owners had a good reputation and his pricing was the best I got for a shop with their status. Also, Nick was very accommodating and offered to transport my car from my home town and back with their beautiful race car trailer. Since they come to NY/NJ a lot for their clients, it worked out that I was close to a client receiving a car and so they picked me up after dropping off the car they were delivering. This happened literally 2 days after I took delivery from the dealership. Didnt even drive the car other then the drive home from the dealer. The car spent a full month at Oakes, on the account that there was bad weather during that time, and logistically there wasn't another opportunity to drop me off when coming to NJ for another pick up for another client. No big deal. I never rushed or bugged them or even complained about the wait, despite the torture I endured of not being able to break-in or even enjoy the car I just bought.

Our talks about the work were clear to me. New car paint prep, Full body Xpel Ultimate, including headlights and DRL's, full window tint and a CQuarts coating on everything. Nick was great with communication and updates. he sent me a few teasers and let me know the progress. We had a few misfires on the delivery day but all were legitimate and again I never complained, or bitched about it. I endured the torture of waiting and was very understanding and easy to deal with as a customer (at least I believe I was). I wasn't the type to hit him up every day with a status request. I'd go days and sometimes a full week of not reaching out. I wanted him to NOT feel rushed and do the best possible job he can do without any pressure. I'm a huge believer of this and I will always make the installer feel that so they dont rush or make mistakes.

So delivery day finally came about 4 weeks later. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was so siked. The car came off the trailer looking fresh as ever and I couldn't contain my excitement. I tried to look over the car as thoroughly as I could without making the driver wait around for a long time, but one thing I did notice right away was the headlights and the DRL's weren't done. Jay the driver/installer/partner explained they dont typically recommend the headlights (because of some reason that didnt make any sense at all). As disappointed as I was, I brushed it off and figured I could always do them myself, being that I had been a 3M Certified PPF installer in the past and It wasn't too hard to do them. So I just let it go and paid the guy so he could be on his way. I asked for my documents/receipts. He didnt have anything for me. No big deal, I figured he could mail or email them to me later. He went on his way. and I put the car in my garage and let it sit for a couple days since it was going to rain.

There is a lot more to tell regarding my experience. But rather then just tell a story. I'd like to paste the email I just sent to Nick Oakes which thoroughly explains my feelings about my experience. Here it is. Also long winded so if you're still reading. I hope you're ready. lol.

Hey Nick,
I figured I'd try to email you since my text messages have gone unanswered the last two days. No worries, I know you're probably busy or maybe you guys are observing the holiday. Anyway, I just wanted to address a few things that were on my mind regarding my experience so far with Oakes Detailing. I'm sad to say that my feelings about the experience have gradually gone from being super excited with the interactions and experience to now questioning whether I made the right choice going with Oakes. Here’s why...
Initially I was blown away by your enthusiasm and attention to detail when communicating with me regarding the work and all my questions. I was very happy with your willingness to accommodate a transport for me and work with me on the price. Although I COMPLETELY understand the reason for the excessive delay in the completion and delivery of the car, I was a little surprised that despite all the time you had with the vehicle, there were still so many oversights and mistakes in the application and the job completion. And it seemed as though all of the work was rushed in the final week. Still, based on how great your communication was in the beginning and my perception of your shops level of service, I had hope that you would address all of my concerns without any issue and I'd still end up a satisfied customer that would recommend you to ANYONE who was looking for similar work on their car. AND I planned on posting a VERY comprehensive review of my experience on the forums that I frequent, once all was said and done.
The issues I first mentioned were the Headlight kit that I mentioned in our conversations were not done, neither were the bumper DRL's. Next there was a pretty significant portion of the front bumper that was uncovered (a painted, low to the ground and very vulnerable section). I assume that Full Vehicle wrap means full vehicle wrap, (within reason of course) but this was not an unreasonable section that could and should have been done.
Many areas of the film edges were lifting the same night I took delivery of the car. (Again, this is a sign that the job was rushed during the last week). Some parts I was able to recover by pushing back down with my finger but a few just weren’t staying down and looked pretty bad. This also lead me to wonder if the Ceramic Coating was even applied, considering the film seemed so freshly applied, I wondered how you had time to apply the CQuartz and allow it to cure. This concern was somewhat justified after seeing how the cars finish reacted to the first rain it was exposed to. The water wasn’t repelling off the film how I’ve seen it happen on other cars with the CQuartz. However, I have no way of substantiating that assumption so I really couldn’t have even made that claim. I’ll just assume that you wouldn’t do that kind of thing to a customer and let it go.
The engine bay, the windshield trim, and the door jambs were very soiled with residue from what you said was dried up solution for the Xpel. How this went unnoticed and uncleaned is beyond my comprehension. The interior of the car was barely touched, Granted the car is new and really didn’t need an extensive wash, but I would expect at least a vacuum and wipe down of the interior. The windows were hazy and full of streaks. One can argue that if the tint was fresh and still curing that it would not be recommended to wipe them down, but you had the car for about 1 month. I also received pictures from you near the 2 week mark that indicated the tint had been done already. I would expect a thorough cleaning of the windows after they have cured. Not to mention part of the job we agreed on was a NEW Car prep. Meaning, I expected you to get the car in pristine condition. However that was not the case. The badges that I asked to be left in my car were not. I ended up getting them when I visited the shop. No big deal, but still as little things like this begin to pile up. The weight starts to be unbearable and the overall satisfaction starts to diminish.
I decided that I did not want to drive around with unprotected headlights and wasn't going to risk damage to them by taking the 2.5 hr drive to your shop to have them done. So I paid a local installer to apply the film on the headlights. No big deal it was only $100. BUT still it was $100 that I shouldn’t have had to spend. Additionally When I did finally come down to the shop to have the other few things addressed. I expected them all to be addressed once and for all. And still I had to remind you near the end of the night after having the car for many hours that the bumper section mentioned above still wasn't done. I felt a little resentment when mentioning this, but you still did it and I was happy with the results.
Another frustrating oversight was that I did not receive one single Receipt or Warranty card for any of the services I had performed. I only received them when I asked at the shop, and even then. I got an incomplete receipt that didn’t have the window tint included. And furthermore, the CQuartz and 3M warranty cards were still not included. I've talked to many people who have had the CQuartz done and they all said that typically I should have gotten a warranty card and a sticker on the door jamb indicating the presence of the protective coating to anyone one servicing the car paint.
The day I came to the shop, I expected some level of remorse and willingness to make things right. I didn’t feel that at all. My car got a half ass wash. The engine bay, although was cleaned of the residue, only the areas around the perimeter were wiped down. The engine still had a thick layer of dust on the more exposed and easy to reach parts. They could have benefited from a simple wipe down. The interior, wasn’t touched at all. The carpets were still dirty, the dash still had dust on it. And the windows were still poorly cleaned if at all wiped down from the inside. There was still a significant amount of bugs on the front of the car, after the poor wash.
The day after I visited the shop, I was looking over the car once again. I noticed that the Driver side Rear spat wasn't covered in film but the passenger side was. This is another crucial and vulnerable section of the car that should have been covered in film was completely exposed. I also noticed that the large flat section where the License plate mounts was uncovered. Something so small and simple to do, was not even considered. I'm sure pieces bigger then that section were scrapped as a result of some trimming while wrapping the car. However, this section was left uncovered. Another section that wasn’t covered was the Side view mirror post between the door and the mirror. This section is typically covered on most Front clip kits, however, it was neglected for a full body wrap. Again, it was my understanding that “full body wrap” meant “FULL” body wrap. Not selective areas or whatever was easiest or whatever they made a kit for. Things like this and everything else I mentioned in this letter, would have gone a long way to really provide the "wow" factor in dealing with Oakes Detailing. But unfortunately I feel that you guys fell short of that. And sadly I'm quite unsatisfied with the overall experience, when considering everything I mentioned.
Now I almost feel like I’m being ignored, but I will give the benefit of the doubt in assuming there’s a legitimate reason you haven’t responded to my texts. However, I still planned on discussing everything in the letter with you had I did get in touch sooner. So here it is. And I really don’t know where to go from here. First and foremost. I would immediately like to receive the warranty cards for the 3M window tint and CQuartz Coating. In addition, I’d like to receive an updated invoice with the 3M tint included on it. And I would at a minimum like the Rear Driver side spat film mailed to me with the documents, so that I can install it myself or pay a local guy to do so. I would also like and prefer that you perhaps installed that section if you planned to come to NJ anytime soon.
I’m honestly sad that I had to write this letter. I legitimately had such high hopes for dealing with you. And was super excited to finally get my car back and start enjoying it. But I ended up having a very bad taste in my mouth with this whole experience. The disappointment is almost as bad as having dealt with all the issues. 


After this letter, Nick replied apologizing for the unfortunate unsatisfactory experience I had. He claimed his phone was "bricked" and didnt have a working phone for a while. He offered to make things right. After some coordination with Nick regarding their upcoming schedule, I opted to have him mail everything to me as opposed to waiting a long time for them to be in my area to do the work on site. Despite numerous reminders, via text messages, phone calls, emails and various excuses for the delay and lack of communication throughout, it literally took over a month to receive my package, which should have included: An Accurate receipt, my warranty cards for the 3M tint and CQuartz Coating, The film for the Mirror Posts, the Film for my rear spats and the film for my Headlights (I requested these as favor to avoid having to spend another $100 to have them redone, after the headlight work I got done blemished the existing ones. I felt it was the least that could have been done to make up for the unsatisfactory service).

After I finally got the package. The headlight film was not in the package. Of course Nick promised to send it to me after I notified him that he forgot to include them, But at this point, I was done chasing him, I didnt expect him to send me the headlight kit, and sure enough its now 2+ weeks later, and no Headlight kit. Sadly I will definitely spend the money to get them done again.

So thats my experience, and I would most certainly not recommend going to Oakes for your detailing, tinting or body wrap needs. Nick mentioned that if I lived closer that all of this would have been resolved much better, and part of me thinks that may be true, but that doesn't mean that the way it was handled was acceptable. If a shop makes an effort to procure clients from outside of their geographical area, then they should also make the effort to rectify any mishaps or issues that they cause with the same urgency that there was to get the job. Busy season or not, Overwhelmed or not, There's only so much "understanding" and "patience" a client can have before its very obvious that they are not a priority and the shop couldn't care less about doing right by them. What really sucks now is if I have to get any warranty work done, I'd have to visit another shop local to me, and Who knows what kind of response or help I'm going to receive if any at all, because they weren't the original installers.

Other then the edges lifting and the horrible oversights The film installation was actually pretty good. Nick claimed that the solution xpel provided had a new formula for my job and it took longer to dry, which is why the edges lifted. But again this wasn't my problem and it could have been handled much better. Also the window tint all came out pretty good except the windshield. It had a few specs in the middle and a pretty bad blemish near the top passenger side corner. I'm living with it since I dont have to stare at it But never the less, still a C+ job on the windshield at best.

Hope this helps Oakes recognize their mistakes and realize what they need to do to hopefully improve their service. And at least help any would be customers proceed with caution if considering to use Oakes.

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