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The "May" Sale from Weapons Grade Performance

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Hi All - 


It's a busy month for us at Weapons Grade!  We're relocating our east coast shop this month to a newer, larger facility, and also working towards opening our permanent west coast location in Seattle!  This doesn't mean we don't have any time for some great sales, though!  


The "May" The Fourth Be With You Sale!


So we posted this one a little late... but 5-4-17 is "May the Fourth Be With You" day... where Star Wars fans around the world celebrate their passion.  Post a pic of a piece of Star Wars Memorabilia in your GT-R to Instagram, tagging us with @WGPerformance, and we'll give you a $100 credit to the shop!


The Cinco De "May"O Sale!


So this one is late too... but better late than never!   Cinco De Mayo celebrates the Mexican Army's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla (where I've visited several times) but I think you'll find that most people have expanded it's meaning to celebrate Mexican-American Culture.  Since all of your street racing should take place in Mexico... we'll help you win by discounting the parts on any full bolt on package purchased from us this month by 10%.  


The Thank You Sir, "May" I Have Another? Sale!


Everyone remembers how Kevin Bacon got paddled by his frat in Animal House... and although their fraternity was named Delta Tau Chi... our favorite Greek things start with Alpha and Omega.  All AMS parts have free shipping all month long... and any Omega Spec Parts ordered from us this month are installed for free!  


The April Showers bring "May" Flowers Sale!


I'm not sure how meteorologically correct this actually is... especially in Seattle where the showers last from October to March... but we love seeing everything bloom in the Spring so that we can take our cars out of hibernation!  Post a picture of your GT-R to this thread at a floral event (Like the Tulip Festival in Seattle!)  Any we'll give you a coupon for 25% off any labor at the shops!


The Do Not Go Where the Path "May" Lead Sale!


Ralph Waldo Emerson definitely had life figured out.  Blazing a trail instead of following others is one of the most exciting things you can do!  To celebrate... labor installation of any parts released this month, or parts never before installed by us (so you can be the first to have them) will be FREE at the shops all month long!  


The "May" 19th Sale!


Apparently May 19th is National Pizza Party Day.  Send a pizza to either of our shops, which we will promptly eat, and we'll give you a $200 gift card to the shops!


The You "May" Have A Really Bad Day if You Don't Take Advantage of This Sale Sale!


The month of May is National Electrical Safety Month.  As such, it's never a good idea to splice into things if you don't have to, to make changes to an electrical system that can't be reversed, or to use wiring that isn't rated/designed for its intended use.  Vehicle fires can and have resulted from poor quality electrical work! To help keep everyone safe, all plug and play electrical components we sell this month will either be shipped for free or installed for free by us (flex fuel kits, pump hardwires, SD kits, etc.)


The "May" Plantings Sale!


Corn is typically planted starting in the end of April and throughout the month of May in the United States.  And since one of our favorite ways to eat it is "on the Cobb"... Purchase a Cobb Accessport from us and we'll provide one of our optimized OTS maps for free (usually $300) If you want to run Corn on the Cobb, all PNP flex fuel kits are on sale this month for $700 shipped, and/or we'll waive our usual $1/whp gained price to upgrade your tune from pump gas to E85 if you purchase either the kit or the tune from us!


The You "May" Run an 8 Second Pass Sale!


Running 8s is harder than it looks!  We usually quote our customers builds stating that the setup is "8 second capable."  Just because you have a big power dyno sheet doesn't mean you're going to put it down at the track for that elusive 8 second pass.  Many times the vehicle setup, keeping things cool for long periods of time (as just because your car makes 1200whp on the dyno doesn't mean it's making 1200whp at the track!) and keeping the car straight is more important than what turbo kit is on it... so to help our customers reach that goal... all of our 8 second supporting mods are installed for FREE this month at either shop, or drop shipped to you at 5% off! (Suspension upgrades, Apex CCM kits, DI Race Intercoolers, wheels/tires, aero improvements, etc!)


The You "May" Want to Fasten Your Seatbelts Sale!


For anyone who's ever driven a 1000whp plus GT-R on the street, you know that the acceleration is brutally quick and you need to be strapped in tight.  We want you all to experience that, so our signature WGP built shortblocks are on sale for $5500 all month, and we'll install a Titan Roll Bar / Harness Kit on the build at our cost for the parts and install it for free if you book the build with us!






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