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The April Sale from WGP - The Art of War!

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Sun Tzu's The Art of War is a military treatise written in the 5th century BC.  It is composed of 13 chapters that are often felt to be the definitive work on strategy and tactics.  Today, it is drawn upon for inspiration in business, legal matters, life, and now... for GT-R sales!


Chapter 1 - Laying Plans

"The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand."   


It's important to pick your parts based on your future goals so that you don't have to buy things twice... but for those of you that didn't we'll take any of your current parts in trade this month at market value towards the purchase of your upgrades so you don't have to worry about selling them. 


Chapter 2 - Waging War

"Cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays."


Any full bolt on installs booked with us this month will be turned around SAME DAY.  Also, we'll cover the cost of overnight shipping on any parts ordered from us this month.


Chapter 3 - Attack By Stratagem

"Do not besiege walled cities if it can be avoided."  


Having the biggest turbo kit in the world isn't going to make more power if you're blowing hot air or trying to push it through something small.  Book a build with us this month and we'll port your heads for free.  


Chapter 4 - Tactical Dispositions

"A general wins his his battles by making no mistakes."


You can have confidence that all Weapons Grade engine assemblies sold this month will be put together correctly, because we video each of them in real time. 

They're on sale this month for $5000, and the DVD documenting the assembly is free.


Chapter 5 - Use of Energy

"The control of a large force is the same principle as the control of a small one.  You must merely divide up their numbers."


Any builds booked with us this month that require ID2000 or larger injectors that opt to use a 12 injector setup instead will get the second set of injectors for FREE.


Chapter 6 - Weak Points and Strong

"Whoever is first in the field will be fresh for the fight."


All WGP Apex CCM Brake Kits (the first of their kind) are on sale all month for $8500 installed.


Chapter 7 - Maneuvering in Army

"We cannot enter into alliances until we are acquainted with the designs of our neighbors." 


We're vendors for the Elite line of TSM turbochargers, and we've installed several sets already!  which we think are hands down the best stock frame turbos on the market.  Anyone purchasing a set from us this month will get one of our Driven Innovations Race Intercoolers at 20% off.


Chapter 8 - Variation of Tactics

"Recklessness will lead to destruction."  


Purchase a set of turbos for installation on a stock engine this month, and we'll dyno tune it for free so you can avoid a potentially dangerous e-tune with too much torque.


Chapter 9 - The Army on the March

"Armies prefer high ground to low, and sunny places to dark."  


Unfortunately, this isn't very true in the world of turbocharging... If you live in Colorado, or are thinking about sending your car there to be built... We'll take 10% off your total bill with us instead so you can make your power at sea level.  


Chapter 10 - Classification of Terrain

"If the nature of the ground makes fighting impractical, we will only go halfway towards victory."


Book an 1000whp or more build with us this month, which will start to have traction issues on the street, and we'll supply a KAPS AWD controller or upgraded tires for free.  


Chapter 11 - The Nine Situations

"On the ground of intersecting highways, join hands with your allies." 


Our mechanical work is only as good as the software we have at our disposal to tune it... and nothing is easier to use than the Cobb Accessport.  Cobb has been our ally since we started in 2012, and they taught us almost everything we know.  Purchase a Cobb Accessport from us this month and we'll take 10% off any supporting mods for your custom tune.  


Chapter 12 - Attack by Fire

"The good general is full of caution."  


All safety measures purchased from us this month will be installed for free or shipped for free.  


Chapter 13 - Use of Spies

"Knowledge of the enemy's disposition can only be obtained from other men."


We'll price match any written quote for any GT-R product or service you show us this month from another vendor.







Doug Ross
Owner of Weapons Grade Performance
-Northeast/Pacific Northwest Shops where we ONLY work on GT-Rs
-Owner/Builder of the 1st Ever Home Garage GT-R Drivetrain Removal
Cobb Protuner / EcuTek Tuner / MoTec Calibrator
-Mainline Dyno in House
Our Online Store
East Coast Location 21B Ozick Dr, Durham, CT   West Coast Location 16726 146th St SE, Monroe, WA

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