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The November Sale from WGP!

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Lots of big events happen in November, and we're here to celebrate them all at Weapons Grade Performance!

The SEMA Sale!
The Annual SEMA show runs from Nov 1st - Nov 4th in Las Vegas.  We'll be in attendance all week.  We don't gamble, but here's how it's going to work... For any orders inquiries placed with us during the show... we'll facetime you from the show floor and flip a coin.  You've got a 50/50 chance of getting heads, which is better than any Vegas odds... if you land heads on our coin flip, you'll get 10% off any order placed with us!

The Sweet Potato Awareness Sale!
We just saw this one on Wikipedia... and it seems like the most ridiculous and yet hilarious thing in the world.  Apparently there are people who aren't aware of the existence and deliciousness of sweet potatoes... such a travesty.  We're going to do our part by ending the potato phone crisis... post a high resolution photo of your GT-R in this thread (not taken from a potato phone) and we'll give you a $100 gift card towards purchases at the shop.

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month Sale!
Naturally, we don't want any of our customers to drink and drive, or drug and drive (which is actually a thing in Seattle where marijuana is legal) but there are so many other forms of impaired driving out there... for example... if you pull up next to the other GT-R next to you and he has bolt-ons and you don't... you're definitely impaired.  To prevent this dangerous condition, all FBO packages are either 10% off or 25% off labor to install all month long!

The Election Day Sale!
On November 8th America will go to the (rigged?) polls and cast their votes for the next President and many of their local representatives.  We tend to think that the American people are bombarded with a series of false choices during election time, where the real questions are never asked nor answered... for example... should we invade this person or that?  Should we tax this thing or that thing?  Should we replace or revise Obamacare?  Candidates appear different but largely agree on the core issues...  The real questions might be... should we invade anyone?  Should we tax anything?  Should we have government run healthcare? Et cetera.  Choosing the right parts for your GT-R can be as much of a daunting task as voting... full of campaign promises, lack of transparency, bait and switch, and questionable returns... To make it simple, we've developed a bipartisan sales strategy that brings all Americans together by cutting through the double-talk and false choices!  Post in this thread who you're voting for... If you're voting for Trump... we'll take 10% off any turbo kits purchased from us this month... If you're voting for Hillary, any turbo kits you buy from us will be 10% less expensive during November.  Two totally different sales for two totally different political views!

The Great American Smokeout Sale!
November 17th is the day where people are supposed to quit smoking!  To do our part... we're celebrating in two ways:  First... if your turbos or engine are smoking from some other shop's low quality work... we'll fix your cars for 50% off labor. Second... post of picture of your GT-R doing a big smoky burnout before November 17th (because you're supposed to quit by then) and we'll give you a $100 gift card to the shop.

The 10K Built Motor Yet Not Very Creative Sale!
We've got a brand new WGP Spec Built Shortblock in stock that needs to be installed... Buy it from us this month and it'll be $5000 for the shortblock and $5000 to install it and tune it, all inclusive of labor, fluids, etc.  (We've also got a set of SIR USM turbos and a built 2.5 ShepTrans in stock that would make this a really fast weekend!)

The "I'm not a chicken, you're a turkey!" Sale!



We have no idea why this commercial sticks in our heads so much every year around thanksgiving time, but I guess that's the hallmark of good advertising... It's germane because definitely no one wants to be a turkey around thanksgiving time... There's a lot of peer pressure out there in the forums these days for everyone to go out and run low 8 second passes on their stock frame turbos, and many times people end up with unrealistic expectations of the amount of effort and money involved to do so... We had a customer tell us today that he hasn't finished his SBD1400 build yet because he didn't have the money for the motor oil or transmission fluid for the car... wtf.  We try to avoid these situations and try to have most of our cars cranking out reliable power in the 900-1000whp range, at affordable prices.  To stand behind this goal... we'll do a built longblock, 8 second pass capable turbo, full fuel system, race intercooler, and transmission package installed at either of our shops this month for $50K all in... no surprises, just one check to write!

We'll have separate sales posts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday... so until then... ENJOY! 

Doug Ross
Owner of Weapons Grade Performance
-Northeast/Pacific Northwest Shops where we ONLY work on GT-Rs
-Owner/Builder of the 1st Ever Home Garage GT-R Drivetrain Removal
Cobb Protuner / EcuTek Tuner / MoTec Calibrator
-Mainline Dyno in House
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East Coast Location 21B Ozick Dr, Durham, CT   West Coast Location 16726 146th St SE, Monroe, WA

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