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TSM goes BLACK for 2013 OneLap of America

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This year we are starting preparation early for the 2013 Brock Yates’ OneLap of America. For those of you who
aren’t familiar with OneLap, the rules are simple, yet brutal. The race demands the utmost respect, requiring
the most out of every car and driver. Each participant must build a car that not only has the potential to be one
of the fastest street cars in the country, but also one that will withstand a four to five thousand mile round trip,
with two scheduled beatings a day thrown in. A car that will go around a road course, through an auto-x, or
down a drag strip faster than most race cars, yet still be able to throw your suit case in the trunk, turn on the AC
and some beats, and start an eight hour drive to the next event. As a company we feel it's the ultimate test of
quality, longevity, craftsmanship, design, and innovation, and an experience every racing enthusiast should have.

As three time defending OLOA champions, the TSM team is constantly pushing the envelope of what a streetcar
can do, and this year is no exception. While without question the end goal is always victory, we also have an
extreme passion for what helps the GT-R community. That’s why instead of once again running the two time
defending champion 2010 GT-R, we have decided to start 100% fresh and build a package more targeted to what
the everyday GT-R track enthusiast would want.

Why start new? Well, TSM has a desire to stay on the cutting edge of what’s possible with a road going racer.
While we all know that huge tires, monster aero, and aftermarket body panels are awesome at the track and
great to look at in pictures, most of us don’t want to jump in that car and take our girlfriend or wife to a nice
dinner with a 4-foot wing and 5-inch splitter hanging off the car . With that in mind, we are going to make it
a little harder on ourselves to emerge victorious this year, however the community is going to love the simple
effectiveness of the modifications we are going to roll out. We will be testing and developing quality parts that
work, not only on racetracks, but on the street and in everyday life as well. In preparation for the 2013 OLOA,
we are concentrating heavily on making the new GT-R a versatile streetcar build.

All that being said, I would like to introduce the newest member of the TSM project car family and the TSM “A”
car for the 2013 OneLap of America: a brand new 2013 GT-R Black Edition!!!





Now for those of you disappointed to see the tried and true grey GT-R being retired, don’t fret: it will be making
a third appearance at OLOA 2013 as well! TopSpeed Motorsports has officially decided to run 2 cars in this
coming year’s event. For the last three years I have stayed here on the home front supporting the team from afar
and updating the community with the progress… Well not this year! While I don’t have the skill to drive the grey
GT-R like Mr. Keen does, I am going to use all that I have learned from him in the past the two years I have been
doing DE events to have a blast in this year’s OLOA. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be out there with the
crew, driving the events, and rubbing elbows with the fellow OneLappers! It is sure to be a life experience that
I won’t soon forget! With the focus on the new car, there will be very little new development to the 2010, but
even though she is old, I think she still has some fight left in her .

On behalf of the entire TSM Team, we are looking forward to providing you with 2 great cars to cheer on in this
coming year’s OneLap of America! Subscribe and keep checking back for full build details, back to back testing,
and real world data on what makes a GT-R… Go Faster…


Michael Kessler
Director of Operations
TopSpeed Motorsports
TSM-Georgia: 855.854.0123
TSM-Northeast: 844.266.7833
*** TOP THREE TSM 1/4 MILE ***
- 7.37 @ 198
- 7.39 @ 200
- 7.59 @ 189
*** TOP THREE TSM 1/2 MILE ***
- 225.9 MPH
- 221.3 MPH
- 219.5 MPH
- OneLap of America Overall 1st Place - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
- Shootout 2015 Overall 1st Place & 2nd Place
- TX2K13 Overall 1st Place | TX2K13 Class 2 1st Place
- TX2K15 Class 4 2nd Place | TX2K15 Roll Race 1st Place SS
- FL2K15 Overall 1st Place
- FL2K19 Roll Race 1st Place
- Stock Frame Turbo World Record ELITE PrimeR | 7.70 @181.4 



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You guys ever consider doing the original Brock Yates One Lap of America coast to coast?  :)


Some day I'm going to have to do this. I think it would be about as much fun as you can have legally.


Good luck guys!



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So cool,.........good luck guy's can't wait to see.






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Awesome Cicio, if you do anything like you just did at Road Atlanta you guys will kick ass!




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This gon be good.



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what ever happend to this car?



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It got sold after we won one lap with it and it’s still being raced in one lap by the new owner.
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Call: 678-297-7770
Email: cicio@cicioperformance.com



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hmmm....I dont remember, I think they started shifting to straight line about that time too

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